We Are The North and South...

A hearty little folk/indie duo and couple from the roots of Bristol, United Kingdom and Johannessburg, South Africa. The name, The North and South, stems from these polar opposites and somehow placed us together in Durban, South Africa. We prefer to make all of our music on the spot and do this by making use of a looping station to bring together our instruments. We aim to travel and share our own music with the entire world!

Florence & Tyler
Name : Tyler
Phone : +27 76 100 3077
Name : Florence
Phone : +27 63 616 4976
Email : www.thenorthandsouthduo@gmail.com
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Sail Away-The North and South

This is the first self-recorded iteration of our song, "Sail Away". The song depicts the story of how we found each other and started performing together. More importantly though, with the potential of getting pulled apart, it was a tribute of dedication to each other. "Sail Away" is something we hold close to our hearts as every single line tells a unique part of our story... We hope you like it!

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Thanks for taking the time to check out our webpage! Please feel free to send through your message if you like what we're about and think we can help you out. Better yet, mosy on by to one of our performances and come have a chat!
Either way, have a cool day human:)